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Average Word Count For a Paragraph

A typical paragraph is usually under 200 words, but this heavily depends on the media where you want to publish content or the purpose of the text.

For commercial writing, the goal is to keep the reader’s attention as long as possible. People don’t usually like to see paragraphs that are more than three or four lines long. Staying between 40 and 70 words is always a safe bet.

Think of it like trying to get someone to eat their vegetables – small bites are much easier to handle!

When it comes to online content writing, the last thing anyone wants to see on a website or social media is a big block of text. Keep your paragraphs super short.

Similar to commercial writing, don’t make them longer than 3-4 lines. Personally, I often don’t write paragraphs longer than one or two sentences. Attention spans are short; treat your paragraphs like tiny, digestible snacks for the mind.

Academic writing is a different beast altogether. This type of writing requires longer paragraphs than those generally found in commercial writing or even storytelling. Paragraphs will usually consist of the “standard” 100 – 200 words.

Be warned: 200 words is really pushing it and can become a bit hard to read. Think of it as trying to read War and Peace in one sitting – not recommended unless you’re into that sort of thing.

For writing dialogues, the key is to make things easy for your reader. You’ll switch paragraphs every time you switch speakers. This way, the reader can identify the speakers as soon as the conversation begins to flow.

It’s like having a dinner party and making sure everyone knows who’s talking – without this, things can get confusing fast.

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