Instagram Character Count Explained

Understanding Instagram’s character limits is crucial for crafting the perfect post. Your captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, but Instagram cuts them off at 125 characters, enticing your followers to click “more.” Think of it as the social media version of a teaser trailer.

For ads, headlines are capped at 40 characters, so keep them sharp. Ad text is limited to 125 characters, meaning you need to be punchy. Reels ads are even tighter, with just 72 characters for text – think of it as haiku writing for marketers.

Hashtags and mentions? You get 30 per post. Go over, and Instagram can delete your entire caption. So, sprinkle wisely! Master these limits and you’ll become an Instagram pro, captivating your audience with every post. Happy posting!

Instagram Character Counter Features

Tired of character limits cramping your style? Fear not! Fixx Boxx is here to save the day with our quirky, quick, and oh-so-handy tools to keep your texts within the lines. From posts to profiles, DMs to bios, we’ve got you covered. Let’s make your words work smarter, not harder!

Post Count

Count those post characters and keep your posts within the golden limit!

Profile Guides

Check your username and profile name to make sure they’re just the right length, Goldilocks-style.

DM Limits

Don’t ramble in those DMs! Our tool keeps your messages short and sweet.

Bio Box Limit

Your bio is prime real estate. We’ll help you fit in all the awesomeness without overflowing.

Save Your Text

Crafted the perfect Insta text? Save it to your device and reuse it like the pro you are.

Ad Text Checker

Unleash your inner marketing genius but within the word count! We’ve got your back.

Why do Users Love us?

Our Instagram Character Counter tool is here to save your day, your sanity, and maybe even your social media reputation. Here’s why you should give it a whirl:

No Data Stored

We’re not into hoarding your data. Seriously, we don’t store anything you use in our tool. What happens in the Instagram Character Counter stays in the Instagram Character Counter. Feel free to spill your secrets, brainstorm your next viral caption, or jot down your grandma’s cookie recipe – it’s all safe with us (because we don’t keep it!).

It’s a Freebie

Yup, you heard that right! Our tool is completely free. Zero, zilch, nada. Of course, if you’re feeling generous and want to fuel our coffee addiction, you can always buy us a coffee. But no pressure – use the tool without spending a dime and still keep your caffeine stash intact.

Easy to Use

We’ve made our tool so simple even your cat could use it (if it had opposable thumbs and a penchant for social media). There are no confusing buttons or complicated steps – just paste your text, and voila! The character count is right there. Unless you’re into pressing buttons for fun, you won’t need to.

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