Counting LinkedIn Characters Made Easy

Get ready to master LinkedIn’s character limits with ease! Our LinkedIn Character Counter tool comes packed with handy features to ensure every word counts. Here’s a quick look at what it can do for you:

Profile Limits

Set up your LinkedIn profile without exceeding character counts – no more profile edits from the word police!

Posting Limits

Ensure your LinkedIn posts, comments, and articles stay within limits; avoid those pesky “text too long” alerts.

Company Page Limits

Keep your Company page text concise and compliant with LinkedIn’s character restrictions – because size matters, even in business!

LinkedIn Character Limits: Because Size Does Matter

Ah, LinkedIn, the land of networking, professional bragging, and the occasional humblebrag. If you’ve ever tried to write the perfect post, only to be thwarted by the dreaded “You’ve exceeded the character limit” message, this guide is for you. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of LinkedIn character limitations, where every letter, number, and emoji counts.

First things first: what counts as a character on LinkedIn? Simply put, everything. Spaces, letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and yes, even those cheeky emojis you love to use. 🥳 Every single one takes up space in your LinkedIn posts, bios, and headlines.

But why, you ask, are these limits important? Well, think of it as LinkedIn’s way of teaching us brevity. In the age of information overload, nobody wants to read your life story unless it’s a Netflix series. Staying within character limits ensures your content is concise, engaging, and gets straight to the point.

Here’s a pro tip: put the most crucial information upfront. LinkedIn has a nasty habit of truncating longer posts, which means readers have to click “see more” to get the full scoop. Spoiler alert: most people don’t bother. So, make sure your key message shines before it gets snipped.

Character Limit Guide: Rules Are Meant to Be Followed… In This Case

Grab your notepad and pen (or just your favorite note-taking app), and let’s break down these character limits by section:

Profile Info

  • First Name: 20
  • Last Name: 40
  • Professional Headline (Desktop): 220
  • Professional Headline (Mobile): 240
  • Vanity URL: 29
  • IM (Instant Message): 25
  • Address: 1000
  • Website Anchor Text: 30
  • Website URL: 256
  • Phone Number: 25

Profile Sections

  • About (Previously called Summary): 2,600
  • Experience Section Position Title: 100
  • Experience Section Position Description: 2000
  • Skills (Per Skill): 80
  • Publication Title: 250
  • Publication Description: 2,000
  • Service Pages About: 500

Content Marketing

  • Profile Status Update (“Post”): 3,000
  • Comment: 1250
  • Company Page Status Update: 700
  • Mentions In a Status Update: 40
  • Publisher (Article) Post Headline: 100
  • Publisher (Article) Post Body Text: 110,000
  • Image or Photo Credit (Under Article Image): 250

Group Posts

  • Post: 3,000
  • Comment: 1,250


  • Recommendation: 3,000
  • Sending an Invite to Connect: 300

Company Page

  • Name: 100
  • About Us: 2000
  • Status Update: 700

Showcase Page

  • Name: 100
  • Description: 200

Career Page

  • Page Name: 50
  • Company Leaders Headline: 150
  • Company Leaders Description: 150
  • Employee Testimonial: 400
  • Custom Module Title: 150
  • Custom Module Body: 500
  • Custom Module URL Label: 70

Honors and Awards

  • Publication Title: 255
  • Publication/Publisher: 255
  • Publication URL: 262
  • Description: 2,000
  • Course Name: 255
  • Course Number: 25
  • Project Name: 255
  • Project URL: 262
  • Description: 2000
  • Honor and Award Title: 255
  • Issuer: 255
  • Description: 2000
  • Test Score Title: 255
  • Score: 20
  • Description: 2000
  • Language: 80
  • Organization Name: 255
  • Position Held: 1000
  • Description: 2000
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