About Fixx Boxx

Who we are

Fixx Boxx is the brainchild of Tomaž Mraz, a CEO and owner of an N3T Tomaž Mraz s.p. web development and digital agency with headquarters in Slovenia.

We pride ourselves on our agility, ensuring the swift delivery of solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs. By prioritizing what truly matters to our customers, we consistently strive to stay at the forefront of innovation in our ever-evolving industry.

Our values

Fixx Boxx prioritizes User-Centricity, creating intuitive, problem-solving tools. Accessibility is key, with efforts to make tools widely usable, including for those with disabilities.

Additionally, we focus on education and empowerment, offering resources and tutorials for a deeper understanding and effective use of our tools.

Tomaž Mraz

Tomaž Mraz

Tomaž Mraz developed a passion for web design in 2004 while attempting to create a website for an online community he belonged to. Following the completion of a 30-day challenge in 2008, he realized that this was his calling for life.

Having gained experience working for e-commerce companies as a paid traffic expert and affiliate program manager, he decided to launch his own digital agency N3T.