How can you benefit from our case converter?

Ever accidentally left your Caps Lock on and typed an entire paragraph that looks like you’re yelling at your screen? Our free online case converter tool is here to save the day!

Whether you need to switch from SCREAMING CAPS to whispering lowercase or add a touch of class with Title Case, our nifty tool makes it a breeze.

Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who’s ever battled with errant capitalization, our converter ensures your text always looks polished and professional – no yelling required! Plus, it’s so easy to use, that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Content Writers

Content writers can quickly standardize text formatting, ensuring consistency across all their work.


Students can easily fix capitalization errors in their essays and assignments, saving time on editing.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can quickly adjust text cases to match the design aesthetics and requirements of different projects.


Translators can streamline the process of adapting text between languages by easily adjusting capitalization to fit the conventions of the target language.


Administrators can swiftly convert bulk text from various documents into the desired format for official reports and communications.

Everyday People

Everyday people can effortlessly correct accidental caps lock mistakes or format social media posts neatly.

Fixx Boxx Case Converter Features

Whether you’re here to transform text for a school project, a work presentation, or just to amuse your friends, our tool has got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of each of our fabulous functions:

Sentence case

This function ensures your text behaves itself, converting the first letter of each sentence to uppercase and leaving the rest lowercase. Perfect for when your sentences need to start off on the right foot.

Example: This is the sentence case.

Lower case

Feeling a bit low-key? This function takes your text down a notch, converting every single letter to lowercase. Ideal for those whispers in the wind or when you’re not in the mood to shout.

Example: This is lower case

Upper case

Time to bring out the megaphone! This function converts all your text to uppercase, making sure your words stand tall and proud. Ideal for urgent memos, public announcements, or internet arguments.


Capitalized case

Ever wish your text had a little more sophistication? This function capitalizes the first letter of each word, adding a touch of class to your prose. Perfect for invitations, titles, or any text that needs to don a tuxedo.

Example: This Is The Capitalized Case

Inverse case

Ready to turn the world upside down? This function flips the case of every letter, making your text look like it’s been through a funhouse mirror. A great way to add a bit of chaos to your day.

Example: tHIS iS tHE iNVERSE cASE

Title case

Roll out the red carpet for your text! This function ensures that the first letter of each major word is capitalized, just like in the titles of fancy books and movies. Great for headlines, banners, or showing your text the VIP treatment.

Example: This is The Title Case

Alternating case

Feeling whimsical? This function alternates between uppercase and lowercase letters, creating a text effect that’s both playful and eye-catching. Perfect for party invites, social media posts, or just confusing your friends.

Example: ThIs iS ThE AlTeRnAtInG CaSe

Toggle case

Can’t decide between upper and lower case? Let this function do the toggling for you, converting uppercase to lowercase and vice versa. It’s like giving your text a light switch to play with.

Example: tHiS Is tHe tOgGlE CaSe

Snake case

Slither into this function to transform your text with underscores between each word. It’s a favorite among programmers and those who want their text to have a reptilian flair.

Example: This_is_the_snake_case

Dot case

This function dots the i’s and crosses the t’s – literally! It replaces spaces between words with dots. Ideal for file names or when you want your text to have a secret agent vibe.



Hyphens are the new black! This function replaces spaces with hyphens, making your text look sleek and connected. Perfect for URLs, file names, or when you want your words to stick together like best friends.

Example: This-is-the-hyphen-case